Ownerville.com was created to simplify, speed-up and improve the administrative side of being an Owner. eStream sat down with several Owners and observed the administrative process. We used that experience to create the incredibly easy to use Ownerville.com – an online business tool that handles all of the day-to-day owner processes such as consignment and nightly and weekly settle-ups. Ownerville.com automates it all and eliminates tedious data entry, saving Administrators hours of time. All of the power of Ownerville.com is available through an extremely user-friendly website. If you know how to get to the internet, you already know how to use Ownerville.com.

Ownerville.com can be broken down into three main categories; Tracking, Reporting and Accessibility.

Tracking in any business is important, but it is especially critical for Owners. Ownerville.com includes several powerful tracking tools that you can use to manage all facets of your business.
Track inventory and sales in “Real Time.”
Track appointments and interviews with the Ownerville.com calendar.
Track the success of all of your job postings.
Track all business expenses.
Track new people from the initial interview all the way to distributors where you can then consign them inventory through the system. Run multiple offices off a single inventory.
Track and archive all distributors contact information – your own online Address Book!
Accurate reporting is a cornerstone for any successful Owner. The reports available on Ownerville.com are potent, easy to use and cover the vital parts of the business.
The Hub can login and input expenses and stock reports.
Save hours of work as settle-ups are done right online and reports (Daily & Weekly Masters, Profits & Purchases) are generated immediately.
Reports for inventory and production are generated directly from sales numbers, minimizing mistakes and ending the need for double-entry of all the figures.
Ownerville.com is entirely web-based. That means that you can login from any computer in the world with internet access. Instantly view inventory and sales reports, review and input business expenses, check your calendar and manage job postings – all from the simple interface of Ownerville.com. And because you can access your vital business information from any computer with internet access, you can easily remain on top of things while on business trips – or even on vacation.

Plus, because Ownerville.com is web-based, all of the software stays on our computers. You never need to install special software on your computer.

What does the future hold?
Ownerville.com was built to grow as the needs of Owners grow. Additional features are already under development. Ownerville.com will continue to expand to place all relevant business information at your fingertips.


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